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Thermal Transfer Ribbons
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Thermal Transfer Labels
RFID Supplier

Trusted RFID Supplier for RFID Consumables and innovative RFID solutions

Elite can supply any size, shape, material or colour of RFID media, including wristbands with the capability if required to run through all of the most popular makes of RFID compatible thermal/thermal transfer printers. We only use fully qualified material with industry leading inlays.

If you need a reliable RFID media supplier, look no further. We know which label material will stay on the surface for the duration. We know what to print the labels with, and through which presses and printers they can and cannot run. We know which RFID inlay will suit the application’s requirements and we know how to put all of this together to deliver a dependable product in your required timeframe.

With over 25 years combined experience in the Auto I.D industry and with major household names as long term regular clients, Elite Marking Systems is the experienced RFID partner you have been searching for.

So whether you require plain white stock RFID labels, multi-coloured labels, swing tickets or wristbands to your specification, contact us with your requirements and see how you really can benefit from the most competitive pricing combined with unbeatable customer service.

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