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Well it literally stands for “Radio Frequency Identification”

Think of RFID as an 'enhanced' bar code. The basic premise of RFID is that by attaching a radio frequency tag to an object, a computer can track that object without human intervention.

There are three basic elements of an RFID system: tags; readers plus associated antennas, and software. Just as bar code technology revolutionized the supply chain, RFID will be a key technology for the present and future.

Although RFID technology works in a complimentary fashion with bar codes, there are differences:

  • Bar codes require line-of-sight reading, whereas an RFID reader can detect a tag that is not visible.
  • Multiple RFID tags can be read simultaneously, while bar codes must be read individually.
  • RFID tags have memory which can be updated, while bar code data remains static.
  • RFID significantly reduces the time required to locate assets, operating in a manner similar to a Geiger counter, automatically seeking the location of specific tagged items – something bar coding cannot do.

Elite bring a different, more pragmatic approach to the market. We have built a successful business by assembling an experienced team that have delivered Auto I.D. solutions for many years. Elite knows what will and won’t work. So we can help you with all your RFID issues from planning, all the way through to development, installation, and roll-out.

In the world of RFID, it is important to choose an experienced end-to-end RFID systems integrator, offering turnkey solutions based on years of successful implementation within the automated data collection industry. Elite can deliver this.

We only partner with best of breed manufacturers and inlay producers.

Comprehensive RFID systems and solutions are available today. These solutions vary from RFID starter kits, to full systems implementations that include advanced fixed and mobile RFID readers.

The bottom line: RFID is real, here to stay, and ready to be implemented but be sure to partner with the right integrator!

Contact Elite to discuss your RFID requirements TODAY, be it for one roll of RFID labels or full system implementation.

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